Sad this was taken off already because it doesn’t seem like a top priority for NBC to save and hasn’t had a lot of time to gain traction. But it is a good show. Just wish they’d named it something else. Wish the titles for BFF and Girls had been reversed the former wouldn’t have scared people away by sounding like a sickly sweet girly cheese network sitcom rather than the funny friendship show that it is. And I doubt people would have decided that the latter was all that important or taken its “voice of a generation” quotes as more than the joke they were if it were called BFF, and the title would have been taken with the slight bit of irony that was probably meant to cut it in the first place. Because nobody is clamoring to be represented in a show called BFF. At least, I’m not. It’s like wanting to be in a show called “bros.”

I write too much even when it’s just retweeting a petition i signed. I wrote a 2000 word comment yesterday that i’m remaking into an even longer blog on my academic site today. SHUT UP, HILL. 



Here’s my little contribution to the cause. Support Best Friends Forever!

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I watched all of this show yesterday. It’s very good.