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[25] Film major and media lover. traversetwilight refers to Traverse Town and Twilight Town from Kingdom Hearts and is in no way related to the atrocious book series about sparkly vampires and assault-y werewolves.

First 50 minutes of Game of Thrones

Last 10 minutes

  • Lady Olenna: look everyone's a little bit gay
  • Tywin: no they fucking aren't
  • Lady Olenna: well maybe not at Incesterly Rock they're not

Am I out of the fandom yet?




seriously tho

petition for an hour long show of cersei lannister drunkenly schooling you about the horrors of real life

#’MORE WINE’ #’your grace it’s 9 in the morning’ #’and a piece of toast’

#I LOVE ALL MY CHILDREN EQUALLY #I don’t care for Joffrey.

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