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[25] Film major and media lover. traversetwilight refers to Traverse Town and Twilight Town from Kingdom Hearts and is in no way related to the atrocious book series about sparkly vampires and assault-y werewolves.


I only learned of the contest this morning! I was horrified to think I nearly missed it. So here is what I did today! 
The concept was inspired by some meta I read, about the relationship between these three. I like the idea of Hannibal trying to manipulate them into reflections of himself, turning them into killers like him, forming relationships based on the mutual understanding he thinks he has, or wants to develop, with Will and Abigail. I thought the idea of him forging them into one combined identity, a unit, or family, would be fun to try and convey.
Additionally, Will’s eyes, his power of perception, are something so defining for his character. Just as Hannibal’s mouth, with his power to manipulate others with his words, and to consume others, both figuratively through his power of manipulation, and literally, through his cannibalism. Third, Abigails neck wound, always hidden, is intriguing, because it represents her vulnerability to the father figures in her life, and also her survival and strength over them. 
So those were the ideas that shaped this, but I feel like it was a more effective concept than it was an effective composition. Oh well. 
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13. June 2012



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