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Ok, folks, it was very, VERY hard, but in the end I GOT IT! I know how Sherlock survived the fall!

Brace yourself, because this is a mind-blowing, SCIENTIFIC explanation.

We have to start by considering two indisputable laws of physics:

1) Murphy’s Law / Finagle’s corollary:
‘If something can go wrong, it will’ therefore ‘If you throw a slice of buttered toast into the air it will always fall with the buttered side down.’

2) Cat’s conservation law:
‘A Cat will always land on its foots.’

SO, what would happen if we stick a slice of toast with butter to a cat’s back and we throw it to the air? The cat, by law, will land on its feet, but the toast (by law too) will land on the butter’s side. Against this problem of physics laws, the nature chooses the best way of taking a solution: the cat may just not fall.

The cat with the toast, once it’s free in the air, will float at its cat-toast equilibrium point, where butter repulsion forces and cat forces are in balance. This point can be adjusted by removing some butter from the toast, adding it, or cutting some hairs (or legs) from the cat. In theory, this will cause the cat to remain stationary, however, in reality, due to varied nature of gravity and the non-uniform profile of Earth, the cat will simply spin around its center of gravity at ever-increasing speed.

So, all Sherlock had to do was to make and wear a harness specifically designed (and he IS a genius: how long could it have taken him to develop such a simple device?) to keep a cat on his front and a buttered toast (with the butter on top, of course) on his back: et voilà!

Then, at about 1 m from the ground, he had only to unfasten the harness and gracefully fall on the pavement, placing himself in the most convenient position.

I greatly encourage all London sherlockians to watch the sky in search of the spinning cat: as it should be still attached to the buttered toast, it should be also still flying around…

THIS will be CONCLUSIVE proof.

(For those interested in a more detailed explanation of the functioning of a cat-toast device, I recommend to visit this website)

Ladies and Gentlemen, science at work.

Reichenbach: conclusively solved.

Welp, you can all go home now. 

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